About me:

I'm Marjon Franke and live in Hengelo with Rogier and my son Mick.
Wanting to breed with dogs is in my genes, my grandfather and greatgrandfather where
famous breeders of the "Heidewachtel" or small Munsterlander.

In 1999 I registered my kennelname "Musanga". At that time I only had 2 males
but I knew I wanted to continue the lines of Kianga Dagmar "Kian"
I started breeding in 2002 with a daughter of Kian.
I wanted to continue with him in mind, dogs with a great stable temperament, very loyal to people
a good construction and health.
Also I try to give the puppies the best start as possible. With the optimum socialisation, nutrition and training.



After teaching and judging over 15 yrs dressage in horses, I naturally followed the same path with dogs.
I attended my first judging course in 1998. I passed the general exams and started to teach courses for
breeders and future judges.
To get my judging license for the Rhodesian Ridgeback I had to wait until 2009 when the Rhodesian Ridgeback
Club Netherlands organized a judging exam for the breed.

till so far I judged:

-16-04-2010 Offspring day Rhodesian Ridgeback Club Netherlands
-18-04-2010 Junior day All Breed show in Almelo
-22-05-2010 Clubshow Rhodesian Ridgeback Club Deutschland
-18-09-2010 Junior day All Breeds show Enschede
-03-10-2010 Championship Clubshow Rhodesian Ridgeback Club Zagreb
-16-04-2011 Offspring day Rhodesian Ridgeback Club Netherlands
-30-04-2011 Landessiegershow Ost Samtens / Rügen